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Events management

Events management, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance


In order to ensure the proper conduct of public or private events in France and abroad, Medic'Air offers a comprehensive solution for event agencies and companies willing to gather their employees or customers for work/entertainment purposes.

Relying on its highly-trained medical team of EMTs and Registered Nurses, Medic'Air International effectively discharges event promoters regarding medical responsibility, while ensuring attendees' safety.

In case of a mild malaise situation, patient will be treated on location by Medic'Air team, therefore avoiding the waiting time in the local Emergency Department.

In case of a serious medical issue, treatment will be initiated by our team while waiting for arrival of a local paramedics team arranged by our operators, following a course of action established with organizers prior to the event.

During this type of mission, teams are equipped with a specific pharmacy kit in addition to the standard resuscitation equipment, in order to autonomously manage simple pathologies.

Three major services can be offered:


A doctor or a full medical team is sent to the event to manage any possible medical emergency.


In order to cover long-running events abroad, an extensive study is performed ahead to establish the potential risk as well as to list on-location facilities, resources and equipment; language and cultural specifics are also taken into account in order to set up the medical team.

Equipment is adjusted to the local medical context, while local ground transportation is placed under alert in order to face any unexpected situation.

Medical team and event promoters are constantly in touch through the closest Medic'Air operation team, allowing a close patient follow-up and a prompt response in case of an emergency situation, such as the need for additional medicine or an emergency air ambulance.


In case of an event involving hundreds or thousands attendees, such as sports or cultural gatherings, a specific course of action is established along with local ambulances, first-aid teams and public services following preliminary study on location.

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