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Medical follow-up

Medical follow-up, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Patient’s monitoring up to the admission to the final hospital.


With a major focus on the principle of confidentiality and medical secrecy, Medic'Air doctors provide a close follow-up for each patient, from the opening of a case until admission in the destination hospital.

This follow-up comes along with the management of medical bills, in order to ensure that the medical exams and treatment provided in local facilities are justified and not driven by financial motivations.

Patient's general practitioner can also be involved in the decision-making.

Patient and his / her relatives are also involved in the proceeding of a case, since their opinion is necessary to the evacuation’s set-up.

In a situation where Medic'Air International's supervising doctor's recommendations are different from those emitted by the local doctor, final decision belongs to the patient and / or relatives, following consultation with our doctor in order to assess the potential risk for patient's health.


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Western Operations :
T. +33 1 41 72 14 14

Japon Operations:
T. + 33 1 41 72 14 19

F. + 33 1 4857 10 10


Asia Pacific Operations
T. +86 21 63 55 82 89
F. +86 21 63 55 82 85

MEDIC’AIR إفريقيا للنقل / H24

African - Middle East Operations :
Dar El Bacha – Tizougarine 5,
40000 Marrakesh - Morocco
T. +212 524 38 13 88

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