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Missions and orders

Missions and orders, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance


For each request upon opening the file, the supervising doctor validates the request and-based on given medical information – can offer the most suitable way of repatriation, depending on the pathology, the quality of medical facilities and involved distances.

This analysis resulting from the estimation of risk for the patient and – following an internal score in validation – leads to the immediate take off of the mission (within two hours) or urgent departure is being delayed for the next morning for reasons of pilots and medical team fatigue management. It can be also postponed in time if the medical situation is under control of local services.

Cases are recorded on four descending levels of severity, which will determine the indication of means to be used for the treatment of each case:

- Emergency (Rescue): instable, worsening situation, unfit state of the patient, requiring a team with strong expertise to extract a patient at risk by urgent chartered flight.

- Primary: serious situation with necessity of evacuating the patient without delay, by a medical team of high professional level by air ambulance.

- Secondary: patient is stable but requires Intensive Care during the transfer, which will be carried out by highly professional team. Intervention without emergency in air ambulance or on commercial flight, with stretcher on certain airlines only. Using an internal ‘decision tree support’ tool, helps our supervising doctors decide the vector between air ambulance and airline company / stretcher according to various parameters including the patient’s current therapy.

- Tertiary: Patient cured or undergoing recovery / consolidation that can go back home, with or without paramedic or medical escort, by airline company.



Upon request of its customers, Medic’Air assists the patients in obtaining medical reports and establishing medical recommendations. Our doctors are particularly vigilant on the coherence of diagnoses and treatments established locally, as well as the cost of hospitalization. They regularly communicate with patients and their families to give them reassurance and information.

In numerous countries (Spain, Greece, Turkey, Maghreb, Indian Peninsula) with emergency of bacilli multi / highly resistant, our objective is to evacuate these patients while using the means in the shortest time possible to limit the risk of contamination.


With its Platforms Operating 24/7, its supervising doctor available instantly, and its firm  competence of medical intervention, Medic’Air also ensures on-site  medical assistance for your events (conferences, common meetings, seminars, galas, sports or cultural events, stunts, filmings, business travels, ect.).

Before every event a study of file (called ‘Road Book’) is performed, considering all risks, with the answers in case of urgency.

Whatever the event, any place in the world ; our on-site medical team is supported by the Operational Platform assigned to its area of action.

Our objective consists of two parts, during your VIP events in both in France and abroad:

  1. Due to the psence of one of our doctors or full medical team or teams following the estimated risks – any medical problem will be treated on the spot, in discreet manner and without having to be sent  systematically to emergency room or nearby hospital.
  2. In case of acute vital condition, our on-site medical team begins immediately the resuscitation using its own equipment while waiting for the relay with the local aid or arrival of emergency air ambulance.













Falcon 50 Air Ambulance Aircraft , Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Falcon 50 Air Ambulance Aircraft , Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Evacuation of a patient suffering from heart failure, Western Africa, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Evacuation of a patient suffering from heart failure, Western Africa

Falcon 50 taking off from Shandong, China, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Falcon 50 taking off from Shandong, China

Air Ambulance fuel stop, Siberia, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Air Ambulance fuel stop, Siberia

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