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Missions, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

On Permanent alert (2 hours)

Our team can be ready to take off from Paris within two hours from invoice approval by our customer.

Air Ambulance evacuations are subject to flight and landing authorizations in specific areas, and can therefore suffer a short delay.

All evacuations are supervised by our regulating doctor, using the most appropriate means of transportation.


Medic’Air International applies the principle of criticality to every single evacuation, guaranteeing optimal safety for patients.

Every mission is organized from our operation centers based in Paris, Shanghai and Marrakesh.


Evacuations are scheduled and medical escort teams set up according to patient’s diagnosis and location:

-Extended team: Certified Physician + Registered Nurse + Care Assistant, this team configuration is mostly set up in case of emergency Air Ambulance missions and patients showing signs of psychiatric condition.

-Standard team: Certified Physician + Registered Nurse, our basic set up for Air Ambulance evacuations.

-Registered Nurses team: a team comprised of two rotating Registered Nurses, usually set up for evacuations on board of commercial flights exceeding 16 hours of flight time.

-Single escort: Certified Physician, Registered Nurse or Care Assistant, in case of an evacuation on a commercial flight.


Intervention types:

-Evacuation on board of a commercial flight (ADL):

Permanent or temporary agreements with various airline companies such as Air France / KLM, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and All Nippon Airways, among others, allow us to provide stretchers and oxygen on commercial flights within 24 hour.

Our escorts all possess extended knowledge of boarding procedures and restrictions implied.




-Evacuation on an Air Ambulance aircraft (ASAN):

Medic-Air International has use of a Piaggio Avanti 2 and a Falcon 50 Air Ambulance aircrafts, with a long-range Citation Sovereign aircraft soon to be added, all based in Le Bourget Airport in the outskirts of Paris, and ready to take off within a few hours, day or night. Agreements with various aircraft providers allow us to operate on board of state approved aircrafts worldwide.



An evacuation can be performed using more than a single mean of transportation: Patient can be transferred from an Air Ambulance aircraft to a commercial flight where a stretcher and oxygen would have been pviously arranged for the longest portion of the journey, under supervision of our medical escort team.



In some particular cases, Medic’Air can rely on a local provider to extract a patient from an isolated location, after setting up a meeting point where our team would retrieve the patient on an Air Ambulance aircraft.



In case of extreme emergency, our medical escort team can use any possible mean to reach a patient, including airdrop.


-Ambulance / train:

Our escort team can also perform evacuations using ground transportation (Ambulances, first class train…).

In-flight patient monitoring and follow-up, Copenhagen, Denmark, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

In-flight patient monitoring and follow-up, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ground transportation, Tokyo, Japan, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Ground transportation, Tokyo, Japan

Emergency flight from Africa to Europe, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Emergency flight from Africa to Europe

Intensive care transfer, Spain, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Intensive care transfer, Spain

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Western Operations :
T. +33 1 41 72 14 14

Japon Operations:
T. + 33 1 41 72 14 19

F. + 33 1 4857 10 10


Asia Pacific Operations
T. +86 21 63 55 82 89
F. +86 21 63 55 82 85

MEDIC’AIR إفريقيا للنقل / H24

African - Middle East Operations :
Dar El Bacha – Tizougarine 5,
40000 Marrakesh - Morocco
T. +212 524 38 13 88

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