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Medic’Air has its own logistic teams on four operating platforms and its own team of supervising physicians.


Medic’Air owns also medical teams of transport with its own medical equipment of care and resuscitation, as well as its pharmacy.

There are approximately sixty formed and regularly trained employees, who participate in the missions of evacuation and repatriation.

Based in Paris, but also in Shanghai, Tokyo, Singapore and Montreal, the teams of Medic'Air can carry out missions on five continents and across the Atlantic and Pacific with their own equipment.

For each Intensive care kit on the air ambulance, our medical team is able to take in charge a patient of 100 kg of all pathologies, for a flight of 12 hours straight. Each kit is equipped with device for difficult intubation and an electronic stethoscope.


We have four “Adult Intensive Care” kits and one “Neonatal / Intensive Care Child” kit constantly available for immediate departures (within two hours).


 Also 10 medical kits (Intensive Care or Pediatrics) and 20 nursing kits are in constant use.

Moreover, Madic’Air has 30 000 liters of aviation oxygen and oxygen extractors in Paris and Shanghai, which are supplementary to oxygen bottles contained in the air ambulance stretchers.

Other specific materials are also regularly used:

Ultrasound SonoSite®

Portable laboratory Alère ®

Multiparameter monitoring with Et CO2, blood pssure

Turbine ventilators

Medical Anti-Shock Trousers (MAST)/ anti g

Isolation bubbles

Neonatal and pediatric ventilators (Fabian ®)


In addition to any hospital resuscitation and intensive care procedures, we are in possession and frequent use of specific drugs like Malacef®, opioids and muscle relaxants.

A special agreement allows us to obtain in one hour units of red blood cells and plasma, freeze-dried from French Blood Service (Actilyse®) or from Intensive Care Cardiology Services.

In cooperation with Intensive Care Services at Parisian universities, the teams of Medic’Air can leave Paris within few hours with a surgical team specialized in using a cardio-circulatory support to a patient in great cardiocirculatory or ventilatory distress, and allow evacuation under ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) in complete safety.

Medic’Air – in agreement with pharmaceutical distributors and laboratories – is able to obtain medicine certified by French Ministry of Health.

Medic’Air possesses in case of crisis situation logistic equipment ready to leave: tents, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, survival rations, for 3 people and 3 days, and can be send as soon as possible to the crisis area, with  team to evaluate the situation; to inform, reassure and ppare for possible evacuations.

Medical equipment storage, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Medical equipment storage

Air Ambulance standard ICU kit, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Air Ambulance standard ICU kit

Medical equipment, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Medical equipment

Negative Pressure Air Transit Isolator, Medic'Air International, Aero-medical repatriation and air ambulance

Negative Pressure Air Transit Isolator

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Western Operations :
T. +33 1 41 72 14 14

Japon Operations:
T. + 33 1 41 72 14 19

F. + 33 1 4857 10 10


Asia Pacific Operations
T. +86 21 63 55 82 89
F. +86 21 63 55 82 85

MEDIC’AIR إفريقيا للنقل / H24

African - Middle East Operations :
Dar El Bacha – Tizougarine 5,
40000 Marrakesh - Morocco
T. +212 524 38 13 88

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